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A Message from Taika Seiyu Oyata
Founder - RyuTe® Ren Mei and Oyata Shin Shu Ho

I have a high respect for my fellow martial artists and would like to address an issue regarding the use of my name and my organization by prior students and others who imply an affiliation with me or my association.

There are those who give the impression they are affiliated with me as prior students and imply they are teaching my art. To teach my art one must devote a lifetime of in depth study, not just a few years of memorizing a kata. These people have only trained in the rudiments of my art and are not qualified to teach the deeper meanings of my art. They are wrongfully promoting my knowledge as their own and are leading those that believe them down a path of deceit. Only those who follow me for a lifetime will get the deeper knowledge and essence of my art.

The link on my website reveals those who are my current students and the only ones authorized to use my name and my organization, RyuTe®. If you have a question about who is authorized by me to use my name or organization or who is authorized to conduct seminars or clinics in my name, please contact me.

Taika Seiyu Oyata

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